Invitation to complete an online questionnaire

Dear Cochlear Implant User,

I am contacting you to ask for your help. I am undertaking a project with the University of Sheffield to develop computer software which will help cochlear implant (CI) users take part in conversations involving more than one person.

To ensure that the software will be useful to CI users it is important that we understand the difficulties that (CI) users may have in complex listening situations. This questionnaire should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Your responses are anonymous – you cannot be identified in any way by responding to this questionnaire.  All information received will be treated confidentially, and will only be seen by named members of the project team.   Any report produced will not identify individual participants, and all data obtained will be stored in a secure location by the University of Sheffield. A summary of the questionnaire results will be published on the project web site ( by the end of year.

Participation link:

Your participation is entirely voluntary.  Should you decide not to complete the questionnaire please be assured this will not affect your current or future care.

If you have any questions about this project, or would like to find out more, please contact me by telephone, email or at the address below.

The project team would like to thank you very much for your assistance in completing this questionnaire.

Yours Faithfully,

Dr.  Harriet Crook,
Lead Clinical Scientist (Audiology),
Regional Department of Neurotology,
B Floor OPD,
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Sheffield NHS Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust
S10 2JF
Tel: 0114 2712145