Questions (original project)

The corpus allows us to determine whether the phonetic characteristics of overlapping talk are similar across different languages, and whether any differences relate to the particular system of accents and intonation used in the language. We also use the corpus to determine whether overlapping talk that shares the same phonetic design in the two languages has a similar function.

In this project we aim to establish objective techniques for the analysis of overlapping talk in naturally occurring interactions. We exploit recent developments in the field of speech technology relating to multi-channel recording and analysis of meetings, segregation of overlapping speech and pitch analysis of concurrent sounds. Such techniques allow us to extract phonetically relevant features from audio recordings of overlapping talkers in a naturalistic environment. A key issue, then, is whether analyses of overlapping talk based on objective acoustic analysis agree with previous analyses based on impressionistic listening. These issues are addressed inĀ Kurtic et al. (2013).